My Son Sanctuary – Hoi An

24 Sep

My Son Sancutary is a World Heritage listed religious centre near Hoi An dedicated to the Chams, an Indian based religion.  My Son originated in the 4th Century and features temple ruins dating back to the 10th Century.  To put that into historical perspective, in Europe the Vikings and Normans were in power.

My Son Sanctuary - Hoi An

Our day started early to avoid the heat and tour groups, opting for a 5am taxi-bus to transport the 9 of us to My Son, about an hour from Hoi An along rather bumpy and scooter infested rural roads.  Again another wonderful snapshot of regional Vietnamese life.  First to arrive at the rather Jurassic Park like Entrance facilities, we tucked into our breakfast packs provided by the hotel and then trekked into the lush jungle. (along a paved track!).  Entry cost $3pp. transport $10pp.

Maps, guidebooks and websites seem to indicate that the temples are scattered far and wide, but they are all relatively accessible, along a paved path.  Comment is also made on the lack of signage but again, opting to go alone without guide we found plenty of signage and enough information in our Lonely Planet guide.

The temple sites are in various levels of decay, much of the damage caused by US bombing incursions during the Vietnam War, and a number of overgrown bomb craters are still visible.  However the remaining ruins are still definitely worth a visit, with the surrounding forest and mountains providing a fantastic backdrop.  Without maintenance the forest would reclaim the entire complex very quickly.  An architectual project to rebuild a couple of temples using existing supplies, has survived already


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  1. Jill

    September 24, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    What a wonderful place .. worth the 5am start.

  2. Simon H

    September 25, 2012 at 2:21 am

    This website should be called Five Tickets – with me included!!