Exploring Hanoi

17 Sep

Having arrived in Hanoi last night after 15 hours of travel (two planes and a mad minibus ride into town) we all collapsed in our hotel located just North of the old city.

Woke early to the sound of honking scooters and a particularly loud rooster.   Breakfast was a West/East fusion of cereal, toast, pancakes and pho.  Then the 9 of us decended on Hanoi to get our bearings and explore.   Our hotel is in a relatively quiet laneway easing us into the organised chaos of Hanoi streets.

Within a couple of minutes we had made it across our first busy street.  Basically you walk confidently out onto a busy street bustling with scooters, cars and bikes, crossings are rare, traffic lights hardly seen, keep walking and the traffic weaves around you.  There are no footpaths to walk on, those that are there are crowded with scooters, so you walk on the edge of the street dodging scooters and passing street vendors

The girls get ready to cross the road, note: pedestrian crossing markings mean nothing!

Our exploration of Hanoi took us towards Hoan Kiem Lake. The wound through the back streets discovering the sights, sounds and smells.  Streets tend to focus on a particular type of goods, making for an eye opening street walk, we walked along:
Sunglass Street
Book Street
Showbag Street (Random crap)

Bag Street
Shoe Street
Lantern Street
Shrine Street
Sticky Tape Street
Tin Street
Lantern Street
Bunnings Street (Tools)

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  1. Don and Jill

    September 19, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Enjoying your blog already. Looking forward to more news.
    Matts 18th birthday tomorrow. Off to celebrate at dinner with the boys, Mandy, Vince, Jill and i, Adrian and Sandy.
    Love, Mum and Dad. xxx