15 Sep

Ha long bay shopping

As I was looking through websites one interested me it said ‘checkout the night market’ that sounded interesting! Will be going there

Ha long bay also has various floating shops locals even row boats filled with beer! (for dad and Andrew!)

An interesting fact was that most shops also accept US dollars!

Hanoi shopping.

The most common clothing in Hanoi is textiles and common clothes. But it will not disappoint you.

This city also has a good range of night and day markets!

Ho chi min city shopping

Ho chi min city is more handmade dresses and suites. There are also the main tourist clothing the ‘I ❤ Vietnam tee shirts’

Hoi an shopping

Hoi an is FULL of cheap tailors that will make you anything you want for a very cheap price. ALL tailors speak both English and French , so you should be able to communicate with them!
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