Dubai Top 5

28 Oct

Dubai is truly an amazing city  -  towering skyscrapers  built to a master plan.  Everywhere you look there  is huge  construction – what was desert one day, is a whole new skyscraper the next. @got to  admire the udacity of the  vision  and the progress towards delivering  on it.  The UAE  has definately bought into the biggest is best mentality…we  went to the biggest mall in the world (eat your heart  out Kim D) and the taallest tower. 

My top 5:

1. 4WDing in the desert (listening to Sam squeal  like a girl)

2. Swimming in the  Arabian sea….so warm!

3. The view from the tallest building in the  world    – what a way to aapprreciate the scale  of  development  in Dubai and the rate  of  progress.

4. The hommous here is  FANTASTIC.

5. G&T’s at the beach  bar at the Hilton

Sad  to be going home.  Could continue the adventure foreever!

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  1. Sarunya Lele

    October 29, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    those five things were interesting! i wonder if you squealed when you were doing the 4Wding!!! i heard you are coming home soon, these are the last days of your adventure right? well i think you will be pretty jetlaged after those long trips and coming home to Australia!!!! miss you :) _)_