Skittled at Kegel

07 Oct

25 Australians and a dozen locals are crammed into a small basement beneath Das Glock, the local pub in Nieder-Weiesel. 9 wooden skittles sit at the end of the narrow, slightly convex bowling lane, having selected one of the small wooden balls that vary in size and weight, the crowd hush as the ball is launched down the alley, cheering rises to a deafening crescendo as the ball rockets into the pins, this is Kegel.

A German variant of Ten Pin bowling, Kegel requires a deft touch and a lot of luck using a smaller ball and narrow bowling lane and add in a few rounds of the local Pilsener and its anyones game. Only one strike was bowled for the night, and it was Eric, one of the Aussie descendants, that upstaged the locals! Kegel is a classic German pub game, and all had a great night rattling the skittles.

Is Don Das Gut, Dad gets ready to Kegel, note how the lane starts narrow and then widens, there is also a rope with a bell to ensure the kegeler doesnt overstep the line or bowl too high! ┬áMany joined the ‘gutter club’

Karsten is the local Fireman and is built like a Brick Out-Haus, he looked as though he would bowl the ball through the back of the Kegel Lane and into the next town!  He probably punches the fires out

The classic Kegel Scoringmachine, note the start key with rabbits foot!


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  1. Joan & Andy Csorba

    October 8, 2010 at 1:01 am

    German skittles looks fun – but with my hand/eye coordination I would always be in the gutterl. Have checked out your link to the best patiseries – now that really got me salivating – looking forward to your comments from Paris. LOL M & D

  2. Heinz Gress

    May 25, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Love your story. We have 4 Kegel centres now in Australia, Moonee Beach, Coffs Harbour, Melbourne & Hamilton Island.
    Anyone can tell me where I can get one ot these Kegel Scoring Machines from.
    The Kegelmaster