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01 Nov

In a blink of an eye we arrived home in Melbourne, if time flies when you are having fun, time goes into hyperspeed when you are travelling on holiday (apart from the 14 hours on the flight home, that is the longest 14 hours of your life).  With so many experiences, sights, tastes and sounds concentrated over a few weeks its a very tough, no impossible, task to answer the inevitable question “What was the highlight?”   Instead, we have a number of highlights…

Top 4 Meals (by Sam)
- Breakfast in Butzbach ( Buffet of meats, cheeses, fruit, bread)
- Buying baguettes in Roussillon for Breakfast (Sam walked down to the Boulangerie and bought baguettes by himself!)
- Potato rosti in Murren, Switzerland
- Pork Knuckle and pretzels in Germany

Top 4 Churches/Museums/Castles
- Les Baux Chateau, Provence France
- Notre Dame, Paris
- Munzenberg Castle, Germany
- Frieburg Munster, Germany

Top 4 Places we stayed
- Our little house in Rousillon, Provence
- The 5th floor Paris Apartment next to the Notre Dame (apart from the stairs)
- Gasthaus in Butzbach
- Chateau in the Black Forest, Germany

Top 4 Markets (Nicki)
- Sunday markets in Frieburg
- Markets in Lourmarin
- Bonnieux market
- Rousillon market

Top 4 shopping experiences (Becca)
- Dubai Mall, biggest in the world
- Paris shopping
- Interlaken souvenier shopping
- Carrefour department store, Emirates Mall

Top 4 drives (Mike)
- 160kmh on the Autobahn from Frankfurt to Frieburg
- The Route Napolean, France
- Winding through narrow French roads in Provence
- Swiss alpine driving Interlaken to Annecy

Top 4 Baked Goods (Nicki)
- Raspberry tartlette, Rousillion Patisserie
- Millefuille, Hugo & Victor Paris
- Hugo Chocolat, Hugo & Victor Paris
- Croissants, Paris

Want to see more of our trip? Some of our favourite photos have been loaded onto Flickr


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Travel connections

19 Sep

Starting to work out what to pack for our big adventure and it looks like we will need a bag just for the spaghetti of power cords and connections for the cameras, ipods, netbooks and mobiles.  The powerboard was recommended as a must have accessory rather than another bag of adaptors!



Trip Planning – then and now

16 Sep

Its not that long ago that I grabbed my Lonely Planet guide, walkman and backpack and headed to Europe before the web, email or mobile phones!  How things have changed in the way we now plan our trips and interact with friends and family whilst en-route:

  • used to be a scrawled set of addresses on a decrepid notebook
  • Tripadvisor was the lounge at the Youth Hostel
  • Facebook was a handful of postcards and reverse charge phone calls
  • Flickr was a bag full of camera film in the depths of the backpack
  • Twitter was the random blatherings after too many schnapps
  • iTunes was the stack of cassettes and the trusty Walkman
  • Google was the local phone book, post office, information centre, guide book,………

The web has already helped us plan experiences and find destinations that would have been through chance or sheer luck before the web.    There is however an element of the unknown that has disappeared and we will still leave some of our travels up to discovery, chance, and getting lost and found!


Nicki’s Four Things

13 Sep

The four things I am looking forward to the most are:

  1. Spending some magical time together on a new family adventure
  2. Seeing Interlaken and the Jungfrau region – love those mountains & lakes!
  3. Croissants, champagne, baguettes et fromage en Provence
  4. Making some of the threads of our family history real for the kids.

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    Mike’s four things

    13 Sep

    With only two weeks to go, our big holiday is seeming far more real.  I’m really looking forward to:

    1. Spending some quality family time together exploring and discovering
    2. Opening Becca and Sam’s eyes to the world and different cultures
    3. Visiting the home town of our ancestors in Nieder-Weisel, Germany
    4. Living and eating like a local in rural Provence, c’est magnifique


    Beccas four things!

    13 Sep

    Hi im Becca,

    im really looking forward to our holiday and these are my four things im most looking forward to!!

    1. Disney Land in Paris
    2. Going to new country’s that i haven’t been to before.
    3. Tasting new foods.
    4. Spending time with my lovely family!

    Euro Disney Land (Disney Land in Europe ;)


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    Sam’s Four things

    13 Sep

    Hi i am Sam,

    the four things i am looking foreward to going to on holiday are:

    1. going to Dubai and going to the water park
    2. going to Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower
    3. going to Germany and going to Nieder-Weisel
    4. eating French food

    Wild Wadi water park


    Four tickets

    12 Sep

    Four tickets will follow the travels of a family of four from Melbourne, our views, news, tastes, discoveries and experiences.  From departure lounges and hotel rooms to trains, planes and coffee shops, basically anywhere with wi-fi.    Four tickets is a travelogue, a journal, a diary and a blog.   In two weeks we depart on our first big family trip together travelling to Europe and visiting Germany, Switzerland, France and United Arab Emirates.  Hope you enjoy the ride, flight, drive, walk, cycle……