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Switzerland to France – through the Alps

10 Oct

With our BMW packed, and ‘Bridgitte’ our trusty GPS navigator, we left Interlaken, destination Annecy, France.  Decided to avoid the fast Autobahns and take the scenic route – 244km, approx 4 hours.  Our trip took us along the banks of the Thunersee (another Lake hidden by low cloud), then along Route 11 to Zweisimenn.  The cloud lifted in time, as we drove through Swiss countryside, mountains, cows with bells, pine trees and green green grass, interspersed with many small Alpine towns.

We left Route 11 at the posh ski village of Gstaad, passing Bentleys, Ferraris and Porsches in the main street.  Stopping briefly on the Col du Pillon, language has suddenly moved from Swiss-German to Swiss-French, Guten Tag was now Bonjour.   Our lunch stop in Les Diaberets was our first Patisserie Lunch, with Jambon et Fromage Baguettes and a Strawberry Tarte.  The decent towards Lake Geneva was another Kodak moment. The only down side had been we were hugging the wall side of the road for the entire trip, which meant numerous steering wheel gripping moments as the gap between the wall on the right and the truck/bus/car on the left got increasingly small. Thankfully traffic was minimal, so we had much of the road and the views, to ourselves.

Crossing the French border, we drove through Evian, not bothering to stop to taste the water, and on to the Savoie town of Annecy.

Cow, chalets, mountains.

En-route to France

Route 11, decending from Les Diablerets to Aigle

Les Diablerets


Jungfrau – about as Swiss as it gets

08 Oct

Switzerland is so Swiss!   And the Jungfrau region is about as Swiss as you can get, from towering mountains capped by year round snow and glaciers, trains everywhere, swiss army knives, chocolate, cows in green fields with bells, cheese with holes and groups of chalets on hillsides.

We have spent the last few days in Interlaken, a town dominated by tourists, hotels and souvenier shops.  However its a great base for exploring the Jungfrau region.   Travelling as a family of four limits our accommodation options, so our family room (split level, with double and 2 singles)in town at the Oberland, ticks the right boxes.

The trip up to the Jungfrau is a must, its not cheap but the experience is worth it.  Trains leave Interlaken on a regular basis connecting with trains via Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheddig.  Another train takes you the final leg through a tunnel in the Eiger Mountain.

Jungfrau Tips

  • Tickets to the top of the Jungfrau can be purchased from any train station in the region
  • Travel up via Grindelwald and back via Lauterbrunnen to get the maximum value from the train trip
  • If travelling with kids, get a Junior-Karte for 20CHF, this provides big savings on the Jungfrau trip and other trains, cable cars in the region
  • Consider taking lunch up to the Jungfrau, the food options are not good
  • Wear layers of clothes, even in October we were down to Tshirts when on the snow on top of the Jungfrau.  The weather though was stunning. Also pack sunscreen!

Swiss Tips

  • If driving through Switzerland, ensure you get a ‘vignette’ toll pass to travel on Motorways, CHF40 from Post Offices and border points.  The pass is valid for a year.

A train trip up the Jungfrau is a must-do experience

Every turn on the train trip through Jungfrau region is a postcard moment, just hang the camera out of the train window and click!  This is on decent to the Alpine village of Lauterbrunnen

When the clouds are low, there isnt much visibility, we went for a drive around Brienzersee, one of the two Lakes on either side of Interlaken, and didnt see much Lake!

The Trummelbach Falls, a short drive from Lauterbrunnen, are a series of waterfalls running inside the mountain face.  Paths and a small vernicular railway cut through the rock allow you to climb into rockface to view the waterfalls.  Its like a journey to the centre of the Earth!


The best day so far

07 Oct
Today was one of the best days on this holiday because we went to the highest mountain of the WHOLE OF EUROPE!!! It was so beautiful,the different mountains in the distance and you were so high you could see above the clouds!!

Talking about height because it was so high there was hardly any oxygen in the air so it was REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to breath the only way to calm down was to eat lots and lots of lollies which I loved,I ate about 10 jelly babies!

Have a guess of the way we got there.We got there by 4 different trains!!! some trains used cogs to help them climb the steep hills.

It was one of the best days ever but we had to get up at 7:00 in the morning,see you next blog post Rebecca. :)

me standing near another mountain

Me next to an old train at Kleine Scheidegg

Having cold lunch with my family

saying hello in the snow to my class


Giant chess and black forest cake!

06 Oct

I am currently in interlaken switzerland,the scenery  here is spectacular. When we had lunch, there was a giant chess set i played against bec i lost and dad i won

oh the black forest cake was DELICIOUS, the black forest cake had cake cream cherries chocolate in lots of layers, in german its called schwarzwalder kirschtorte