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Desert driving

27 Oct

Yesterday we went to a desert in Dubai, it was really big !  First we got picked up by our tour guide then we picked up the other people in our group. After that we drove into the desert in a 4×4  it took  1 hour.

Then we let our tires out so we could go up and down the dunes without flying off them!  The drive felt like a roller coaster because we went up &down and side to side,it felt like we almost flipped over! It was really fun!! Then we arrived at the Beddoin tent village.we sat on pillows and we had a low table.There were a few free things you could do or get done here they are…You could get a henna tattoo,we rode a camel, I held an Eagle, there was belly dancing,and we had a HUGE banquet!

Me running(well actually walking) up a sand dune.

This is the 4×4 we drove in.

Me holding the eagle!

Us riding camels im on the second one :)


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Stopover in the desert

29 Sep

Currently waiting in Abu-Dhabi Airport en-route to Frankfurt.  Was great to break the long-haul trek to Europe with a stopover in UAE.   Fantastic to catch up with Kaye and Chris, and to meet little Barnaby.  Had dinner last night with Jez, Binx and little Ellie too.

Abu Dhabi is all sand, construction and some amazing architecture….

Arrgh flight is boarding…. more later

Bec and Sam meet little Barney

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Last day in Abu Dhabi

29 Sep

today its our last day in Abu Dhabi next stop frankfurt  then we catch a train to (i’m not sure)  =)

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Tour of Abu Dhabi

28 Sep

Today we had a tour of Abu Dhabi. kaye took us for a drive to see the sights, i saw hardly anything (because i was asleep) but i did see some amazing buildings including the twisted tower.:)

we also went to a shopping mall and played some bowling. we saw lots of people wearing traditional middle eastern clothing, it was very hot =0  bye from sam p.s i wish you could come!!!!!!!!!!

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The plane ride

28 Sep

The plane ride from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi it took 14 was really good (not!).  the babies near us cried a bit, i didn’t  eat alot but the breakfast was yum, i played a couple of games and watched one movie (the last airbender) it was a a good movie but not as good as the cartoon.  now we are in Abu Dhabi typing the blog by Sam


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